Deep Human Resilience

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Course Information

A 4-week interactive video-based growth journey with the bestselling authors of “Deep Human” Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange.

The course has a flexible, modular structure, which is suitable for busy individuals who want to learn about Deep Human skills in a self-paced approach.

Participants will be able to have a comprehensive overview of the most relevant resilience skills through a highly structured curriculum delivered in a concise package.

Learning Outcomes

  • Rewire your brain for happiness with neuroscience and psychology tools
  • Learn mindsets and mental reframes for greater personal effectiveness
  • Upgrade your emotional intelligence to deal better with triggers
  • Boost your energy and vitality with grounding and releasing techniques
  • Find your voice and connect to your values
  • Develop holistic resilience – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience


Duration: Self Paced and Fully Online (Daily short videos released across 4 weeks)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule / cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.

Lesson Plan

This course consists of 4 modules:

Welcome! Let's get started
  • 1A: Introduction to Adaptive Resilience
  • 1B: What are your crisis survival strategies?
  • Bonus Lesson: Tips for dealing with kids in COVID19 times
  • 1C: Brain science – How humans have evolved to become more anxious and distracted
  • 1D: Exercise – Reflective journalling – Your relationship to anxiety and fear
  • 1E: Intro to Focus & Mindfulness
  • 1F: Practice – Foundational Mindfulness Practice
  • 1G: Exercise – Time travelling audit
  • Bonus Lesson: COVID19 / Crisis Exercise – What can you control?
Getting to know the 4 aspects of your self
  • 2A: Intro to the 4 Aspects of Self
  • 2B: Holistic self-care and social support
  • 2C: Exercise: Download Template – Your Self-Care Action Plan
  • 2D: Exercise – Dealing with Mind-Emotions anxiety
  • 2E: Practice – Breathing Space
  • 2F: Exercise – 4 Aspects Lifeline
Mind & Emotions Practices
  • 3A: Growth Mindset
  • 3B: Exercise: Limiting Beliefs
  • 3C: Dealing with Limiting Beliefs
  • 3D: Beginner’s Mind & Non-Judgement
  • 3E: Introduction to Self-Compassion
  • 3F: Practice – Self-Compassion
  • 3G: Practice – Rewiring your brain for happiness with H.E.A.L.
Body & Spirit Practices
  • 4A: Introduction to Body practices – How to shift out of the stress response
  • 4B: Practice – Somatic Practice 1 – Dynamic
  • 4C: Practice – Somatic Practice 2 – Body Scan
  • 4D: Practice – Somatic Practice 3 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • 4E: Connecting to Spiritual Resilience
  • 4F: Letting Be, Letting Go, Letting In
  • 4G: BONUS PRACTICE 1: Rick Hanson – Peace, Contentment & Love
  • 4H: BONUS PRACTICE 2: Rick Hanson – Being For Yourself
  • 4I: Practice: Future-Self Visualisation
  • 4J: Exercise – Integration practice
  • 4K: Setting Yourself up for Success

Trainer's Profile

Crystal Lim-Lange

Crystal Lim-Lange is an expert on holistic education, future-readiness and personal growth and the cofounder of Forest Wolf.

She travels around the world, advising companies and educational institutions on how to prepare for a future of rapid change, and speaks regularly on how to upgrade our capabilities to thrive in the 21st Century.

Crystal’s diverse background spans investment banking, start-ups, agriculture, philanthropy, wellness and education.

Prior to founding Forest Wolf, Crystal was the Director of the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates which prepares youth for a rapidly changing world.

In 2016, Crystal pioneered "Roots & Wings" at the National University of Singapore, hailed as a groundbreaking future-ready skills programme by industry employers and holistic education thought leaders globally.

She also launched the world’s first Future-ready Index that measures 9 domains of Future-readiness, based on research from 300 employers and over 4,250 students.

A prolific speaker and writer, Crystal enjoys sharing her views on the subjects of future-readiness, leadership, and personal transformation. She is also a strategic advisor to Minerva Project, and the Hoffman Institute Australia/Singapore.

Crystal is passionate about unlocking human potential and believes that our collective future depends on the evolution of our consciousness.

Gregor Lim-Lange


Dr Gregor Lim-Lange is an expert on clinical and positive psychology, social emotional intelligence and mindfulness, the Co-founder and Chief Psychologist of Forest Wolf and previously the Head of Learning & Development at the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates and a Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore’s Psychology department.

During Greg's 8-year tenure at the Department of Psychology, he taught and supervised clinical psychology students, and developed the ‘Introduction to Clinical Psychology’ and ‘Mindful Psychology’ modules. He then joined the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates as its Head of Learning and Development, and co-developed the Roots & Wings programme, which is based on positive psychology, neuroscience, social emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Greg delights in designing innovative curricula and programmes, researching outcomes and working with individuals, leaders, couples and families. He is also a highly sought after educator, psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher.

He is also the co-editor of Clinical Psychology in Singapore. Greg is a true citizen of the world, being a German-born, Irish- and American-trained clinical psychologist who has extensive work experience in America, Europe, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore.


The online course is composed of video lectures taught by the Crystal and Greg Lim-Lange, readings that complement the topics addressed in the videos. This course is self-paced and can be completed anytime.

Participants can also benefit from online discussion where they can share, comment and exchange ideas on the discussed topics as well as access to Deep Human Resilience tool kit.

The course duration is 20 hours.

Entry Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications are invited to apply for the course:

There is no pre-requisite to take the course.

This programme is suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, senior leaders in organisation to be able to refocus and use the deep human resilience methodology to cope with the uncertained times and to enable them to upgrading their capacity to lead themselves and others.

Course Fees

Course fee is payable upon acceptance. It is inclusive of 7% GST and subject to review.

The course is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit. For more information on the SkillsFuture Credit click here.

Applicants / Eligibility Fees
Full Course Fee$240.00