Workplace Numeracy (Advanced)

Short Course / 30 hours

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Learning Outcomes
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Course Information

As organizations become increasingly technical, the ability to interpret data and numbers is more in demand in the workplace than ever. As such, those who are adept at numeracy are hugely sought-after by employers who value problem-solvers, as such skills also imply the ability to think critically, logically, and strategically.

Learning Outcomes

This course specifically trains you in important foundational Employability Skills required at the workplace, so you can access career opportunities and further training. It also prepares you to take the Workplace Numeracy (WPN) test based on:

  • Number and Operation sense
  • Patterns, Functions and Algebra
  • Measurement and Shape
  • Data, Probability and Statistics

(This course is in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore and British Council)


Tuesday, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Thursday, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Date of course: 21/9, 23/9, 28/9, 30/9, 5/10, 7/10, 12/10, 14/10, 19/10 and 21/10.

Application Dates: 11 Jun to 1 Aug 2021

Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
2 days per week – Tues & Thurs

Lesson Plan

This course consists of 1 modules:

  1. Number and operation sense
  2. Patterns, functions and algebra
  3. Measurement and shape
  4. Data, probability and statistics
  • Make sense of complex problems and perform multi-step problem solving using mathematical techniques.
  • Handle numerical data that requires advanced mathematical skills.
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of mathematical concepts in a wide variety of work contexts.
  • Analyse data relationships and make relevant computation that requires advance mathematical skills to make informed decisions.
  • Develop solutions to address non-routine mathematical problems


Participants will enrol for WPN assessment test.

Entry Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications are invited to apply for the course:
  • Anyone aged 16 or above.
  • For individuals taking WPLN assessments in order to enter National Institute of Technical Education Certificate courses offered by Institute of Technical Education (ITE), minimum age of 18 years old for females and 20 years old for males (after serving National Service)

Note: Applicants must do a WPLN pre-assessment to determine their workplace literacy and numeracy level

Course Fees

Course fee is payable upon acceptance. It is inclusive of 7% GST and subject to review.

Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)
NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year (or up to $500 for NTUC members aged 40 years old and above) when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme). Please visit e2i’s website to find out more.

Applicants / Eligibility Fees
Singapore Citizens (SC) below the age of 40 years$141.24
Singapore Citizens (SC) aged 40 and above$53.24
Singapore Permanent Residents (PR)$141.24
Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme (for SC & SPR)$53.24
Others (and Repeat Students)$470.80
Full Course Fee (Before GST)$440.00