Continuing Education Week 2021 – Digital Economy: Data Protection, Compliance, and Innovation Webinar (Closed)
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12pm to 1.30pm

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Discover our courses on data protection, compliance, and innovation to safeguard your business data and enhance business competitiveness.

The digital economy is built on data and digital trust. As a result, the collection, use and disclosure of personal data is critical to the success of business strategies. Data security is key to safeguarding your business’s reputation and also provides assurance to stakeholders that their data is being collected and processed securely.

In this webinar learn how our new Data Protection Roadmap can equip your organisation with the insights to Personal Data Protection Act to enhance business competitiveness for your organisation. Discover how you can equip your employees with the knowledge and skillsets to comply and demonstrate accountability for data protection, plus appreciate the value of data innovation for business growth.

This webinar is also suitable for individuals keen to start a career as a Data Protection Officer.

Join the NP CET Academy team alongside our industry partner for this PDAP webinar.

Registration is free.