National Centre for Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@NP)

The National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@NP) helps organisations to develop and implement workplace learning solutions through structured training programmes and consultancy services. For more information on our services please reach out to Ms Sara Zaman at

NACE@NP empowers organisations to establish best practices in workplace learning. At NACE@NP we aim to enhance staff competencies, improve retention rates for companies and drive company growth.

Why Adopt Workplace Learning?

More details on the benefits of workplace learning are below:

Training Programmes

Find out more about the training programmes NACE@NP offers organisations. For more information on training please contact Ms Sara Zaman at

Learn more about NACE@NP Services


Discover our training programmes on Workplace Learning and consultancy services to support you and your organisation.

  1. NACE@NP offers the following 2-day training programmes on Workplace Learning:
  • Workplace Learning Blueprint Development
  • Enhance your workplace learning efforts!
  • Learn to Codify your Best Practices and Beat the Competition!
  • Training Needs and Skills Gap Analysis
  • Focus on the right areas for training and development!
  • Drive workplace learning to achieve organisational performance objectives!
  • Effective Coaching for Workplace Trainers
  • Engage, Energise and Enhance Employee Performance through Effective Workplace Coaching!
  • Mentoring for the Workplace
  • Capitalise on your Best Talents!
  • Drive Employee Performance with Mentoring Effectively at the Workplace!

2.    NACE@NP provides consultancy services in the following areas:

  • On-the-Job Training Blueprint Development
    • Develop and implement an effective On-the-Job Training blueprint for specific job roles
  • Training Needs and Skills Gap Analysis
  • Conduct training needs analysis and develop a training plan to suits your company’s needs
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • Provide instruction on how to better mentor and coach your employees to improve work performance


More information about the training programmes, outline and fees click here > TRAINING PROGRAMMES NACE@NP