Continuing Education Week 2021 – SGUnited Skills Programme: Wholesale Trade Sector Webinar (Closed)
Registration is free

Event Schedule

11am to 1pm

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Discover how our SGUnited Skills Programmes can help you begin a new career in the diverse B2B/Wholesale Trader Sector.

This free webinar will provide you with an overview of our SGUS programmes in the B2B/ Wholesale Trade sector. Plus learn about the opporunities available in this diverse sector. The webinar will also cover our bridging programme and the type of subsidy/funding available when you attend the programme. Learners can tap on our Job Placement Assist Programme and get career planning support to help you secure a job in these sectors when they train with us.

Join us the NP CET Academy team and find out more about our SGUS offerings in the B2B/Wholesale Trade Sector.

Registration is free.