CET Academy Webinar Series 2024

🚀 Ignite Your New Year Resolutions with our 2024 Exclusive Webinar Series 

Dive into our transformative webinar series and make 2024 the year of your professional breakthrough! Gain invaluable insight into various part-time, full-qualification courses designed for career enhancement and professional growth – all with our meticulously curated webinar series, proudly organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s CET Academy.

What You’ll Be Getting:

Diverse Exploration: Explore an array of full-qualification courses that serve as a gateway to professional upskilling and learn about the transformative learning experiences that await you.

⭐  Job Sector Insights: Our expert trainers go beyond the basics, sharing in-depth insights into job sector demands and market trends. Stay ahead of the curve by positioning yourself strategically in areas with high demand, ensuring your skills are always aligned with industry needs.

Career Amplification Secrets:  Discover how our programs can open new horizons and elevate your career opportunities, especially tailored for mid-career adults seeking to redefine their trajectories.

Expert Voices, Real-World Wisdom: Bridge the gap between theory and application as our trainers share valuable tips on how you can set yourself apart in the competitive professional landscape.

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Programme Highlights

We have curated 14 different webinars for you to choose from. Scroll down for more details.

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22 Jan, Monday (12pm to 2pm)

Specialist Diploma in Youth Development & Mental Wellness /
Diploma (and Conversion) in Care and Programme

(12pm -12:45pm)

Aligned with the Skills Framework for Social Service, this groundbreaking program prepares you to guide youth through mental health challenges. Gain essential skills in engagement, mentoring, and stakeholder involvement, making a meaningful impact in youth development. Be at the forefront of post-diploma education in youth wellness.

Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Practice

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

Answer the call of the growing pet care industry with the Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Practice. Designed for veterinary technicians, this program enhances your skills in emergency care, shelter management, and more. Elevate your career with insights from experienced veterinarians, navigating statutory regulations and mastering trauma management. From clinical proficiency to marketing strategies, become indispensable in the expanding world of veterinary care.

23 Jan, Tuesday (12pm to 2pm)

Diploma in Digital Communication

(12pm -12:45pm)

Tailored for diverse learners, this program immerses you in digital branding, social media marketing, and more. Whether entering the Media, Retail, or Infocomm Technology sectors, you’ll master content creation and data analytics. Elevate your skills in a competitive business landscape, fostering client relationships and executing compelling digital strategies.

Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies (WSP)

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

From brand storytelling to crisis management, master the skills essential for executing effective digital campaigns. Elevate your career with a holistic approach, considering stakeholders, sentiments, and societal impact. Join the high-growth digital spectrum with confidence and expertise.

Specialist Diploma in Analytical Science (WSP) /
Advanced Diploma in Medical & Pharmaceutical Technology

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

Ideal for those in biopharmaceuticals aiming to broaden their roles, individuals entering pharmaceutical and medical technology fields, or technologists seeking employment in biomedical science sectors. Guided by seasoned lecturers and industry experts, this course ensures hands-on skills through rigorous laboratory training, positioning you for success in Singapore’s biomedical manufacturing hub.

24 Jan, Wednesday (12pm to 2pm)

Diploma in Applied Management for the Future Workplace

(12pm -12:45pm)

Designed for aspiring managers, this groundbreaking program focuses on digital literacy, virtual collaboration, and people management skills, providing a holistic understanding of the New Economy. Stay ahead in the disrupted global economy, gaining a competitive edge through extensive generic competencies. Explore Skills-Based Modular Courses for flexible learning. Make the move to upskill, reskill, and thrive in the future of management.

Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics / Specialist Diploma in Applied Generative AI

(12pm -12:45pm)

Acquire specialized skills in data visualization, storytelling, and advanced Deep Learning and Generative AI techniques. Master the art of interpreting diverse data types and creating innovative data from existing datasets. Elevate your proficiency in AI-driven creativity, ensuring you stay ahead in data science. Join us on this transformative learning path to unlock new possibilities in data analysis and AI applications.

Specialist Diploma in Cybersecurity Practice / Specialist Diploma in Cloud Security

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

Ideal for reskilling into cybersecurity careers, this program covers foundational cloud and server administration, offensive and defensive skills, digital forensics, and cyber governance. Aligned with the Skills Framework for ICT – Cyber Security Track, SDCP prepares you for roles like Cyber Risk Analyst, Forensics Investigator, and more. Acquire in-depth technical skills and become a crucial player in ensuring cyber resilience.

Diploma in Business Practice (Administration & Management) (WSP)

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

In today’s competitive digital landscape, effective information management is paramount for organisational success. This program empowers you with skills in planning, administration, and systematic resource management, enabling you to propel businesses to greater heights. Explore bite-sized, part-time Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) for flexible learning. Develop versatile competencies in customer and people management, digital marketing, analytics, communication, and innovation.

25 Jan, Thursday (12pm to 2pm) 

Diploma in Full Stack Development (WSP)

(12pm -12:45pm)

Gain expertise in applications development, design, testing, and debugging. This program opens doors to a dynamic role, applying subject matter knowledge in information systems engineering. Explore Skills-Based Modular Courses for flexible learning options. Acquire problem-solving skills, undertake substantial projects, and be industry-ready. Elevate your IT career with a comprehensive diploma that sets you apart in the competitive landscape.

Specialist Diploma in Sustainable Facilities Management (WSP)

(1pm – 1:45pm) 

Learn technical knowledge and skills in PV technology, electrical power engineering, and monitoring for design, maintenance and troubleshooting of PV systems. Start your career as a technical officer/engineer in the PV industry.

26 Jan, Friday (12pm to 2pm) 

Specialist Diploma in Robotics Engineering

(12pm – 12.45pm) 

Acquire vital skills in machine learning, computer vision, and coding, empowering you to evolve mechanical robots into intelligent autonomous platforms. Through two post-diploma certificates, become a proficient robotics engineer, capable of delivering autonomous robotic solutions independently or collaboratively. These skills enhance your competitiveness in the digital economy, ensuring heightened employability.

Specialist Diploma in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Engineering and Monitoring

(1pm – 1.45pm) 

Acquire comprehensive technical knowledge and skills in PV technology, electrical power engineering, and system monitoring. This program offers systematic and in-depth training, preparing graduates for roles as technical officers/engineers in the PV industry. Perfect for those in the solar or power industry, it deepens technical expertise in PV engineering and monitoring, aligning with the Skills Framework of the Energy & Power sector’s Distributed Generation track.

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