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Are you looking to transform your business and staff with tech?

At TSAO@NP, we help companies unlock their potential with technology. We provide companies with the training and support they need to harness the use of technology to ride the digital wave.

We are delighted to be appointed as  IMDA’s Jobs Transformation Map Training Partner to support national efforts to reskill and upskill our workforce in AI and Analytics with an emphasis on Generative AI and Software Engineering.

TSAO@NP is an Academia x Industry consortium for the advancement of tech skills in enterprises by Industry for Industry.



Want to get training started for your team? We have a suite of courses in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Generative AI and more.

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Unlock the Future of Data Analysis with our courses. Discover how big data analytics seamlessly integrates with the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence, supercharging your data analysis. Experience the AI-driven revolution that thrives on vast datasets, enhancing decision-making and more.

 Basic Level Courses

Machine Learning for Humans

Data Visualisation Primer

Analytics for enterprises

Intermediate Level Courses

Data Wrangling

Data Storytelling

Data Governance

Data Exploration

Data Visualisation 1

Statistical analysis

Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics

Advanced Level Courses

Introduction to Machine Learning

Supervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Data Visualisation II



Learn how GenAI, a subset of deep learning, is key to unlocking a world of limitless creativity. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate captivating content including images, text, audio, and synthetic data. This cutting-edge technology learns from existing content to craft brand-new, innovative creations. Explore the future of content generation with GenAI.

Basic/Intermediate Level Courses

Introduction to Deep Learning

*more courses on GenAI  – basic, intermediate and advanced levels coming soon.


Unleash the Power of Software Engineering. Software engineering is the dynamic realm where art and science collide to craft exceptional digital experiences. Our expert software engineers are the masterminds behind the design, development, rigorous testing, and seamless maintenance of cutting-edge software applications.

Basic Level Courses

Programming Foundations for Analytics

Deep Dive into Python

Programming in Python I

Work Study cert leading to Part-Time Diploma in Full Stack Development

Intermediate Level Courses

Part-time diploma in Full Stack Development

Go School

Programming in Python II

Modern Frontend Web Development

Our Industry Partners

An MNC focused on information technology services and consulting company, with a wide range of services spanning AI to digital strategy.

Xoogler School is an educational and professional development program founded by, a community of Googlers and ex-Googlers.

Founded in 1997, Alteryx is an analytics automation platform that helps collect, prepare, and blend data, counting amongst its customers, 46% of the Forbes Global 2000.

OutSystems is a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform, which provides tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications.

Tribe is the 1st Singapore Government-supported blockchain ecosystem builder that drives the future of Web 3.0 together with blockchain companies and entrepreneurs, while rallying the support of governments, corporates and academic institutions.







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