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Part-Time Diplomas and Post-Diplomas

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Part-Time Diplomas and Post-Diplomas

Register now for our part-time diplomas & post-diplomas. Applications closed 31 Jan 2021.
SkillsFuture credit & Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) funding available. For more info on UTAP, click here.
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Applied Sciences
Specialist Diploma in Analytical Science
Specialist Diploma in Biomedical Informatics and Analytics (Jointly offered by Republic Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Apply through this page)
Advanced Diploma in Medical & Pharmaceutical Technology

Artificial Intelligence
Specialist Diploma in AI for Engineers

Business & Accountancy
Diploma in Business Practice (Administration & Management)
Diploma in Business Practice (International Supply Chain Management)
Advanced Diploma in Accountancy

Data Science & Analytics
Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics
Specialist Diploma in Business & Decision Analytics

Digital Design & Marketing
Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Media Design

Diploma in Engineering (Aerospace)
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical)
Diploma in Engineering (Electronics)
Diploma in Engineering (Marine)
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical)
Diploma in Engineering (Mechatronics)
Specialist Diploma in Electrical Design & Operation

Health Sciences
Certificate in Bridging Studies for Enrolled Nurses
Specialist Diploma in Palliative Care Nursing
Specialist Diploma in Community Gerontology Nursing
Specialist Diploma in Clinical Education
Advanced Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Chronic Disease Management)
Advanced Diploma in Perioperative Nursing

Leadership & People Management
Diploma in Applied Management for Future Workplace

Student Care & Coaching
Diploma in Care and Programme (Student Services & Coaching)
Diploma (Conversion) in Care and Programme (Student Services & Coaching)

Urban Solutions
Diploma in Engineering (Building Services & Fire Safety)
Diploma in Engineering (Civil & Structural)
Diploma (Conversion) in Facilities Management
Diploma (Conversion) in Township Management
Specialist Diploma in Sustainable Facilities Management

Veterinary Science
Diploma (Conversion) in Veterinary Clinical Science
Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Practice