Make the Move: Learn Something New

Ready to level up your expertise and knowledge this festive season?

For a limited period only, learning is on us! From now to March 2024, we’re offering COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to a curated selection of courses every month to help you kickstart the new year on a high note.

Get access to a wide range of professional and interest-based webinars and be awarded with a certification upon successful completion to showcase your commitment to lifelong learning! 

At Ngee Ann Polytechnic CET Academy, we believe that learning is your agility for life. Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on your learning journey today. 

Stay tuned to more updates on how you can upskill and reskill with us.

Programme Highlights

Dive into a world of knowledge with our first batch of webinars – from mastering financial literacy and core competency skills for the workplace, to learning how to safeguard your health and home, there is something for everyone. 

Do check this space for more exciting programmes coming your way soon – all conveniently hosted on Thinkific.

Financial Literacy

Gain essential skills for navigating the complex world of personal finance with our Financial Literacy course. Designed for individuals seeking to build a strong financial foundation in in cash, debt management, personal insurance, investment and retirement planning in one’s financial journey. 


Machine Learning For Humans

Unlock the mindset of a data scientist with Machine Learning for Humans. Gain insights into the history of data, master the end-to-end process of machine learning projects, and apply diverse machine learning models practically. By simplifying complex concepts, this course uses animation, motion graphics, and storytelling for a clear understanding of data processes and machine learning techniques.

Build a Platform That Serves Millions

Tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, product managers, and tech enthusiasts, this course unveils the essential insights and strategies needed to launch and scale a business successfully in the digital realm. Unlock the secrets to creating robust and scalable digital platforms, positioning yourself at the forefront of innovation and business growth. Find out how to turn your passion into a powerful force in the tech and startup landscape!

Cultural Intelligence at Work

In an increasingly interconnected workplace, we will have to communicate and collaborate with people from all cultures and backgrounds. This course will help you gain essential insights into working across diverse cultures, so that you can navigate cultural differences seamlessly and thrive in day-to-day interactions in the global workplace. 

Understanding Influenza

Safeguard your health by delving into the essentials of flu prevention, symptoms, and timely care. Arm yourself with vital information to stay well-informed and resilient against seasonal threats. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of influenza for a healthier tomorrow.

Becoming An Entertainer Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entertainer Entrepreneur offers a dynamic exploration into the realms of television production, acting, and directing. Led by esteemed Singaporean actor, director, and producer Alaric Tay, this Master’s Collective series unfolds over seven insightful episodes, each lasting 10 to 14 minutes. Delve into the gig economy, break into the film and TV industry, master the art of acting, and discover the nuances of producing and directing. Elevate your understanding of media entrepreneurship and pave your way to a thriving career in television production.

First Aid For Pets

Be your pet’s first responder with ‘First Aid for Pets.’ This course empowers pet owners with life-saving skills and knowledge. Learn to confidently handle emergencies, administer basic medical care, and ensure the well-being of your furry companions. From injury assessment to CPR, this course equips you to act swiftly and decisively. Enroll now to become your pet’s hero in times of need.

The Right Way To Clean and Disinfect

Elevate your hygiene practices with our webinar on ‘The Right Way to Clean and Disinfect.’ Discover expert techniques and guidelines to create a safe and sanitised environment. Join us to master essential skills for effective cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a healthier and more secure living and working space.

Whisker Wisdom: Essential Tips on Cat Care

This course equips you with essential knowledge, from nutrition and grooming to behaviour and health. Uncover the secrets of creating a cat-friendly environment and building a strong bond with your furry friend. Whether you’re a new cat owner or a seasoned enthusiast, join us to confidently navigate the joys of cat companionship. Enroll today for a transformative journey into optimal cat care!

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