Case Studies

Curating A Data Analytics Pathway To Nurture VITAL’s Employees


Investing in people has reaped rewards for VITAL. Thanks to their forward-thinking and our partnership, the organisation now benefits from future-proofed employees who are equipped to handle Data Analytics work and projects effectively.

That Something Xtra Approach

Wanting to tackle their data problem in-house, we tailored a slew of services for VITAL to train and equip Senior Executives and Executives with skills in Data Analytics.

To start, we curated a learning roadmap specifically for Senior Executives and Executives respectively to ensure that it was relevant for their level. Before starting their learning journey, each employee went through our profiling service to assess their strengths and weaknesses in certain domains. The learning roadmap was also bolstered with a performance tracking feature. Finally, for that real-world experience, we included a data hackathon where employees solved real-life business problems using the tools they’ve learned throughout the programme.