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The practical case studies, rigour coursework and quality of lecturers are impressive. With the Specialist Diploma in Business & Decision Analytics, I'm able to switch to an analytics job function and subsequently pursue higher learning in business analytics. My course mates have also found analytics roles in banking and healthcare sectors.

Timothy Ow, Business Analytics Lead.
“The Esplanade continues to engage NP as the training vendor for the Basic Electrical Practice and Instrumentation course, which gave us access to domain experts and a tailored curriculum pertinent to our organisation’s requirements. The skills taught by the experienced trainers were practical and relevant to our organisation. Our staff is now more confident in applying the knowledge and skills they have learnt about electricity and their use and dangers to their work, making them more effective in their daily work routines. Overall, our organisation is pleased with the training outcomes for our staff.”

Petrine Fan, Learning and Development Manager, The Esplanade Co Ltd
“We were glad to receive positive feedback from our employees after the trainings. Our employees have learnt new skills and technologies relevant for Singapura Finance. They can now apply what they have learnt to provide new services for our customers, as well as enhance our efficiency for better work practices."

Lilian Tan, Human Resources, Singapura Finance Ltd. Singapura Finance embarked on the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace course and 1-day customized Fintech Executive Workshop in NP.
The course is very well structured. Both the pace and content suit participants with zero prior knowledge. The class is well-guided by instructors who are extremely knowledgeable, effective and patient. The combination of theoretical and hands-on practice enables me to reconcile with how and why analytics are the way they are.

Benjamin Ng, Principal Engineer. He pursued the Specialist Diploma in Business & Decision Analytics.
“The pace is just nice. The trainer is patient and able to provide excellent explanations.”

Lum Xi Min, OCBC Bank, participant at the Data School - Programming in Python course
“The key concept-reverse thinking and STAR approach are easy to understand and apply.”

Terence Kong, RC Hotels (S) Pte Ltd, a participant at the Experience STARs Bootcamp
Although it has been a tough learning journey, I've picked up several skills, learnt new technologies, made some good friends and learnt together with them throughout this journey. I believe I have made an excellent choice to study the Specialist Diploma in Business & Decision Analytics!

Tan Wee Koon, Head of Finance in an SME.
“I found the training to be very useful and I can now apply what I have learnt in my work. By using programming in R and R studio, I'm able to improve the efficiency of team-training programmes, enhance data visualization and gain deeper insights in data analysis in my work.”

Xu Min, Manager, Micron Inc., participant at the Data Science Bootcamp
I’m glad that I’ve managed to stumble across the Specialist Diploma in Business & Decision Analytics while researching for data-related courses locally. With the generous fee subsidies and grants, the course is not only value for money but has certainly helped me to acquire the necessary foundations in analytical tools and techniques.

Shao Cong Koh, Data Analytics Trainee.


Workplace Learning Success: On-the-Job Training and Coaching, 22 Nov 2022, 12pm – 1pm
Are you an HR professional or manager responsible for staff development at work? Join the NACE@NP team for a lunchtime webinar on 22 Nov 2022, Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm and find out how your organisation can attract and retain the right talent through a strong workplace learning culture.

Hear from our speakers and understand how two of our courses - Workplace Learning Blueprint Development and Effective Coaching for Workplace Trainers - are critical to jumpstart workplace learning success for your company.
SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) Course Preview Webinar, 9 Nov 2022, 3pm – 4.15pm (Closed)
If you are a mid-career individual looking to make a career switch, register for our upcoming course previews for our SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP). Find out how our courses below can help you get industry-relevant training and employment facilitation into sectors with good hiring opportunities.
Performing Cloud Accounting Workshop, 3 Nov 2022, 4pm - 5.30pm (Closed)
Are you a finance or accounting professional? Sign up now for our course preview workshop on Performing Cloud Accounting, on 3 Nov 2022 (Thursday) from 4 pm to 5.30pm, and get hands-on training in cloud accounting to make work easier, safer and smarter.

Learn how you can use cloud computing to eliminate manual data entries using HubDoc, facilitate your bank reconciliation using Xero, and more. This workshop is jointly organised by NP and e2i.