Specialist Diploma in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Engineering and Monitoring (SDSEM)

Offered by School of Engineering

Post-Diploma / 1 year / TGS-2021005374

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Course Information
Learning Outcomes
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Lesson Plan
Entry Requirements
Course Fees

Course Information

Learn technical knowledge and skills in PV technology, electrical power engineering, and monitoring for design, maintenance and troubleshooting of PV systems.

Learning Outcomes

You will gain systematic and in‐depth training in PV technology, electrical power engineering, PV system
monitoring and analytics. This course will prepare graduates to work as technical officers/engineers in PV
industry. For applicants who are already in the solar or power industry, the course will help to deepen their
technical knowledge and skills in PV engineering & monitoring. This course is also aligned with the Skills
Framework of Energy & Power sector, Distributed Generation track.


Course Date: 25 Mar 2024
Application Period: 2 Jan to 15 Feb 2024
Class Day(s): Tues and Fri
Time: 6:00pm to 10pm
Delivery Mode: Classroom & Synchronous eLearning
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic/Online

Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule / cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.


Lesson Plan

Post-Diploma Certificate in PV System Technology, Design and Integration (TGS-2021005375)

The program with this certificate provides systematic training in solar system and power engineering. The purpose of this certificate is to prepare students for jobs related to solar system design and integration

PV Cell and Module
In this module, topic covers are basic of light, solar radiation, semiconductor and PV cell / module operation. Various factors that can affect the PV cell’s output will be illustrated. Operation principles of PV cell/module will be discussed. Participants will learn how mismatch among the cells affect the PV module’s output and the role of bypass diodes. A brief look at the solar module encapsulation process and the material used in the encapsulation will also be included
Power System Technology
This module covers key components used in DC and AC networks of PV system installation and low and medium voltage AC network.  These components include power cables, switching devices, protective devices, inverters, transformer, earthing, lightning protection.  The module also covers mathematical analysis of 3-phase AC system, harmonics, power factors, and interpretation of single-line drawings with protective devices
PV System Design & Integration
This module introduces the various components and their functionalities in the formation of a PV system. It also provides the guidelines to the selection and sizing of these constituents to allow their proper compatibility to operate as an integrated system. Stand-alone and grid-tied systems will be covered. Practical hands-on sessions will also be included to ensure trainees could do experiments and make measurements on PV modules, inverters, power flow, equipment protection, system performance and battery management. Design, installation, testing and commissioning of PV system according to SS638, SS601 and Power-Grid Transmission Code and relevant IEC codes will also be discussed in this module.
Post-Diploma Certificate in PV System Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring (TGS-2021005376)

The program with this certificate provides systematic training in power system maintenance and PV system monitoring. Students will learn in-depth knowledge and skills including distribution/protection of power systems and monitoring/analysis of solar systems. The purpose of this certificate is to prepare students for jobs related to solar system maintenance and monitoring.   

Distribution Power System Operation, Protection and Maintenance
This module covers the operation, protection and maintenance of PV power systems, the equipment used and the protection and safety schemes/devices required for the protection of both equipment and personnel on AC and DC sides. Topics include PV power systems, high voltage and low voltage distribution systems, practical distribution equipment such as switchgears, fuses, distribution transformers, cables and protection systems. Load flow and fault calculations of typical power systems with PV generators and the common types of overcurrent, overvoltage and fault protection are also taught in the module. PV maintenance procedures and requirements will also be covered in this module.
PV System Monitoring and Analysis
This module covers the monitoring and analysis of PV system performance to ensure optimum output and early detection of faulty equipment. Topics include the monitoring system design and setup, energy and weather data collection and analysis, commonly used theoretical models for analyzing PV system field performance and degradation, main factors that affect PV system performance such as light induced degradation (LID), potential induced degradation (PID), and various kinds of mismatch problems, computer tools for performance monitoring (e.g. Excel-VBA), advanced testing instruments such as PV analyzer, infrared thermal camera and portable EL tester. Relevant IEC standards and Singapore standards will also be introduced in this module.


1 Specialist Diploma
2 Post‐Diploma Certificates

Entry Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications are invited to apply for the course:
  • At least a recognised local Polytechnic diploma in engineering or a degree in relevant areas.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on supporting evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted may have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves the right to shortlist and admit applicants.


Course Fees

Funding period for this course is from 1 Jul 2021 to 30 Jun 2024.

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.

Applicants / Eligibility Fees
Full Course fee$5650.56
PR Sponsored by SME$588.38
Singapore Citizen Sponsored by SME$588.38
Singapore Citizen Aged 40 & Above$588.38
Singapore Citizen Aged Below 40$847.58
Singapore PR$2260.22
Long-Term Visit Pass Plus$5650.56