Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License (UAPL) Course for Industry Applications of Class A Rotorcraft (Multi-Rotor) up to 25kg (Classroom & Async e-learning)

Offered by School of Engineering

Short Course / 44 hours / TGS-2023020096

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Course Information
Learning Outcomes
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Course Information

The flight school works with industry leaders and companies to bring relevant workshops, seminar and training for individuals in management and operational roles to enhance their understanding in unmanned aircraft flight planning, crew management, operations and risk assessment.

All courses are conducted in the safety and comfort at the Ngee Ann polytechnic campus. The campus provides amenities such as shower facilities, multiple canteens, rest area and classrooms for pilot trainees to use within walking distance. Parking is available at public rate. Getting to NP is a breeze with public transport at the door step of the campus.

Singapore is a tropical country with plenty of sunshine and rain. We believe that flight practice under shelter is safer and more productive for our trainees during hot sunny days. On wet and rainy days, trainees can complete their flight practice indoor in the event of rain and extreme wind conditions. Each trainee has their individual simulation set and use them for practice as often as they need during their training period.

Managing trainees’ fatigue level and anxiety are both important to a great training experience. Here at NP flight school, trainees have the best opportunity to learn at their own pace to operate the unmanned aircraft safely and find their potential in flight planning, management and operations.

Get your unmanned aircraft pilot license (UAPL) safer and faster with NP flight school.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees will attend online lectures on aviation laws, safe UA operations, meteorology and principles of flight. Trainees will role play and work in teams to complete several real-world assignments. They will learn how to apply for activity permits and prepare flight plans for submission to CAAS.

Trainees will learn to conduct site survey to plan risk management. Trainees will also sit for mock tests and complete an online assessment. Upon successfully passing the assessments, trainees will receive a certificate of achievement.

Trainees will practise manoeuvres according to CAAS assessment criteria using simulators and field practice. Trainees will undergo field training using the same manoeuvres that will be completed during the simulator training. Trainees will practise flight patterns using three different UA with different weights and complexities – DJI Spark (light weight and easy to fly), Phantom 4 V2.0 (medium weight, more control required) and 15kg heavy drone.

The 4 day course will help trainees operate a variety of light to heavy UA as part of their job or business. The focus will be on UA lighter than 7kg


Course Date: TBC
Application Period: TBC
Duration: 44 hours
Time: 8.30am to 5.30pm (includes 1 hour for lunch)
Delivery Mode: Classroom & Async e-learning
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule / cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.

Lesson Plan

Day 1

Attend Theory lessons (online/ in-campus)

Attend UA Simulation

Fly DJI spark (to build hand-eye coordination)

Learning to create a flight plan for UA operations

Practise mock questions for UAPL

Day 2

Attend UA Simulation

Fly Phantom 4 (1.5kg) unmanned aircraft to practice piloting a 7kg UA

Learn to conduct risk assessment for UA operations

Learn to do UA maintenance

Introduction to indoor inspection with UA

Mission planning for autonomous UA operation

Day 3

Attend UA Simulation

Fly the 15kg unmanned aircraft to practice piloting a 25kg UA

Learn how to use centralised flight management system (CFMS)

Learn to apply and submit activity permit (AP)

Discovering challenges in real world UA applications

Day 4

Attend UA Simulation

Practice different classes of UA

Attempt practical assessment

Attempt UAPL theory test

Submission of presentation material and assignments (AP)

Trainer's Profile

Scottz Lip

Scottz Lip has a Class A (Multi-rotor, without limitation) unmanned aircraft pilot Licence. He is the head of training for Ngee Ann Polytechnic Flight school. He is accredited in training and assessment (ACTA). He used drones for videography, photography, consultations and racing.


A Certificate of Performance will be awarded to participants who achieve at least 75% attendance and pass all required assessment(s).

Course Fees

Funding period for this course is from 13 Apr 2023 to 30 Sep 2024.
SkillsFuture Credit
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Enhanced Training Support
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Please furnish the following documents to the course administrator to qualify for SSG funding:
Self-sponsored learner (**LTVP+): Copy of your green visit pass card, with the word ‘PLUS’ on the back of the card.
Co-sponsored learner (##LTVP+): Copy of valid and current Letter of Consent (LOC) from MOMNgee Ann Polytechnic reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme, modify the fees and amend information without prior notice.


(Course fee is payable upon acceptance. It is inclusive of 8% GST and subject to review.)

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Applicants / Eligibility Fees
Full course fee$2916.00
Singaporeans aged below 40 qualified for SkillsFuture Funding $866.70
Singaporeans aged 40 & above qualified for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy $326.70
Singaporeans qualified for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs $326.70
Singapore Permanent Residents & **LTVP+ qualified for SkillsFuture Funding $874.80
Singapore Permanent Residents & ##LTVP+ qualified for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs $334.80
Others (and Repeat Students) $2916.00