Turn passion into proficiency – or learn at your leisure.

Welcome to Lifestyle Day (Sat, Jan 27 2024) where learning meets leisure and opens you to a world of fun and possibilities! The Lifestyle Day is part of NP CET’s Learning Festival 2024!

Whether you’re a passionate hobbyist, aspiring freelancer, or simply someone eager to enrich your life and the lives of those around you, Lifestyle Day is your ticket to elevating your home, space and fur family!

Our carefully curated webinars are designed to cater to the curious minds and enthusiastic hearts of individuals ready to transform their hobbies into thriving pursuits. From therapeutic horticulture to the art of pet care, these courses are your gateway to new skills that can elevate your lifestyle, and bring unparalleled joy to your world. 

🌱 Why Choose Lifestyle Day?

🎓 Perfect for Hobbyists and Aspiring Freelancers

🌈 Elevate Your Life, or Your Passion Project

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Session 1

Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture

9AM – 10AM

🌿 Elevate your understanding of therapeutic horticulture with insights from Elizabeth (Leah) Diehl, Director of the Therapeutic Horticulture Program at the University of Florida. Discover the transformative power of plants and nature-based activities as Elizabeth guides you through proven methods to enhance both physical and mental well-being.

Mushroom Cultivation at Home

10AM – 11AM

🍄 Delve into the world of gourmet mushrooms with our webinar on Mushroom Cultivation at Home. Uncover the nutritional and medicinal treasures these fungi hold. Led by experts, this session will guide you through the cultivation of popular edible mushroom varieties within the cozy confines of your home.

Indoor Gardening – The Importance of Lighting to Keep Your Plants Happy

11AM – 12PM

🌟 Dreaming of a lush garden within your living space?Explore the crucial role lighting plays in sustaining happy, thriving indoor plants. From understanding the spectrum of light to creating the ideal environment, this introductory session is your gateway to transforming any space into a flourishing oasis.

Introduction to Agri-technology

12PM – 1PM

🌱 Be part of Singapore’s visionary “30 by 30” goal! Join our webinar on the Introduction to Agri-technology to uncover the pivotal role technology plays in achieving Singapore’s ambition to produce 30% of its nutritional needs locally by 2030. Gain insights into cutting-edge agri-tech solutions and understand how you can contribute to this sustainable food production revolution.

Session 2

Help! My Puppy Is Out of Control!

3PM – 4PM

🐾 Unlock the secrets to canine harmony with our webinar dedicated to the tumultuous puppy phase. From mastering the art of potty training to cultivating leash manners, this session is your comprehensive guide to laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good behaviour.

First Aid for Pets

4PM – 5PM

🐾 Beyond the basics of potty training and leash manners, this session equips pet owners with indispensable knowledge to handle unforeseen emergencies. Led by seasoned experts, you’ll learn life-saving techniques and gain confidence in providing immediate care to your pets. Join us in creating a safer environment for your furry friends, where preparedness meets peace of mind.

Whisker Wisdom: Essential Tips on Cat Care

5PM – 6PM

😺 Uncover the secrets of cat care with our webinar, Whisker Wisdom. Delve into the intricacies of feline nutrition and preventative medicine, discovering the keys to keeping your “purry” companion happy and healthy. From dietary essentials to understanding preventative measures, this session provides a holistic approach to cat well-being.

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