Soft Skills & Human-Centred Design Training

Develop cognitive skills and acquire tools for effective collaboration to prosper in an increasingly global workplace. Build a proficient culture in your organisation by strengthening core skills like communication and problem-solving.

Our popular critical core skills course includes the Diploma in Applied Management for Future Workplace, which has modular bite-sized part-time courses for individuals to acquire new skills or deepen relevant skills, without the need to pursue a full diploma.

LUMA System in Human-Centred Design
LUMA System in Human-Centred Design

Led by the renowned LUMA Institute, learn the art of design thinking in this course from world-class instructors and by using real-world scenarios. With their practical, flexible and versatile approach to innovation, known as the LUMA System, anyone after going through this course can easily adapt the design thinking mindset and apply the tools in any scenario whether that’s at work or otherwise – truly a cut above the rest.

Provide your teams with a repeatable way to innovate, and begin to speak a common language for creative problem-solving that leads to faster, a better collaboration that yields results. Learn to use combinations of LUMA’s methods to address specific business challenges and uncover deeper insights from market research and know-how and when to apply combinations of human-centred design methods to common challenges, such as aligning a team or coming up with better ideas.

For more information on human-centred design training, please visit our Human-Centred Design Institute @ NP here.

Learning Outcomes

  • Think critically and creatively
  • Generate creative ideas
  • Manage people efficiently
  • Solve business problems
  • Certified as a Practitioner of Human-Centred Design by LUMA
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for the Global Workplace
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for the Global Workplace

Be an expert in communication and work effectively in diverse teams with different cultural contexts. Equip your employees with skills to be more effective and respectful in a variety of cultural situations.

Examine your own cultural identity and learn about the various cultural dimensions that differentiate people. Understand how culture shapes people and learn how to remove cultural bias when communicating with coworkers who are from a different culture and environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Forge authentic connections
  • Engage respectfully
  • Eliminate cultural bias
  • Deepen cultural understanding
  • Gain cultural self-awareness
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