Signature Programme
Enhanced Training Support Package : Arts and Culture, Tourism, Retail and Food Services


Digital Analytics for Marketing: Use Customer Intelligence to Uncover High-Value Audience (Synchronous e-Learning)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020501794 | Learn SEM, web analytics & digital marketing tools.
Digital Analytics for Marketing: Use Customer Intelligence to Uncover High-Value Audience (Classroom Learning)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020000143 | Learn SEM, web analytics & digital marketing tools.
From Conversation to Conversion: Nurturing Customer Relationships on Digital Platforms (Synchronous e-Learning)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020504264 | Create and facilitate crucial conversations between your brand and y...
Tell Your Brand's Story: Create and Engage your Audience (Synchronous e-Learning) (Draft)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020503871 | Craft brand story to reach target market & media.
Social Media Marketing (SC) (Synchronous e-learning)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020504201 | Create an effective and targeted social media marketing plan.
Design Thinking In-Action
Course Ref No: TGS-2020504463 | Apply design thinking to real world problems.
Grow Your Reach with a Personal Brand Video - for Tourist Guides
Course Ref No: TGS-2020504469 | Differentiate yourself in the digital space with your personalised 1...
SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (Retired)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020001201 | Be equipped in skills & digital tools in collaboration, cybersecurit...
Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (2020) (Synchronous e-Learning)(Retired due to not enough participants)
Manage personal data protection for your company as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Experience STARs Bootcamp
Course Ref no: TGS-2020503196 | Create memorable experiences for customers and go (way) beyond custo...
Introduction to EPIC Leadership (Synchronous e-learning)
Course Ref no: TGS-2020503197 | Gain insight into EPIC Leadership and how to bring EPIC behavior to ...
Real Solution Selling
Course Ref no: TGS-2020503206 | Discover Solution Selling as a philosophy to transform customers int...


Course Fee Grant
Singaporeans and PRs will enjoy 90% course fee grants (excluding GST)
Absentee Payroll
Eligible employers can apply and receive absentee payroll for their employees at 80% of basic hourly salary capped at $7.50/hour (subject to approval).
Training Allowance
Singaporeans and PRs who are self-employed persons can receive training allowance of $10/hour for courses that commenced after 1 May 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

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