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Environmental Infection Control And Management for Environmental Services
08 Mar 2021
Training curated for supervisors from cleaning industry in control and management of viral infections. Register Interest ...
Understanding the New Changes in ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Learn about the key changes in ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and how it may affect laboratory operations ...
Understanding Human Diseases
Explore the basis of human diseases and equips learners with with a broad understanding of the practices of human pathology ...
The Comprehensive Guide to Nutrition and Nutraceutical for the Pharmacy Profession
Learn about how you can choose right good supplements, changes in nutritional needs in today’s living environment and more. ...
Advanced Diploma in Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology
18 Oct 2021
6 pm
Singapore has established its position as Asia’s leading centre for biomedical manufacturing. The industry is knowledge-intensive and requires a high...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme Funding Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Medical Technology
Diploma (Conversion) in Veterinary Clinical Science
18 Oct 2021
6 pm
Whether passion or calling, a career focusing on the wellbeing and welfare of animals is a challenging but deeply fulfilling endeavor. The skills and knowl...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme Funding Life Sciences Veterinary Clinical Science
ICH Q7 - Good Manufacturing Practice for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Knowledge of ICHQ7 guidance is fundamental to the pharmaceutical industries involved in the manufacture or supply of APIs or the audits of suppliers of API...
Microbiological Food Safety
12 Jan 2021
9 am
Rapid microbiological methods provide a fast and cost-effective alternative, allowing companies to perform the bulk of their microbiological testing in-hou...
Food Safety
Quality Risk Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry
9 am
Quality Risk Management (QRM) principles require the evaluation of risk to patient safety and product quality based on scientific knowledge, data and exper...
Establishing Shelf Life of Foods
23 Sep 2021
8:30 am
All food manufacturers undertake shelf life studies to ensure quality and safety of their products. The establishment of validated methodologies is critica...
Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Practice
18 Oct 2021
6 pm
The increase in the number of pet lovers in Singapore had resulted in a greater need for pet-related services and products. The Specialist Diploma in Veter...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme Funding Life Sciences Veterinary Science
Specialist Diploma in Analytical Science
18 Oct 2021
6 pm
Analytical Science focuses on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemicals, which plays an essential role in all types of manufacturing. This cou...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme Funding Life Sciences Analytical Science

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