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Digital Design & Marketing for Wholesale Trade
This is a basic/intermediate course for learners to pursue an entry-level career in marketing, business development & analysis within the wholesale tr...
SGUnited Skills Programme Digital Design Digital Marketing
LUMA Certified Human-Centered Design Practitioner (Fully Online)
12 Jul 2021
9 am
Building Skills to Solve Problems Creatively and Collaboratively Earn LUMA Certification as a Practitioner of Human-Centered Design Use ...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme
Artificial Intelligence in Finance
28 Jun 2021
Deep dive into the digital wave sweeping across the finance industry fueled by emerging technologies such as A.I. Hear insights from global speakers, c...
Eligible for Absentee Payroll
Industrial Chemical Process Design and Analysis
9 am
This course provides an intensive hands-on simulation training for learners to gain a basic understanding of the design of chemical processes through the u...
Workplace Safety & Health Design & Systems Thinking Engineering
Introduction to Design Thinking (Train-the-Trainer)
9 am
Design Thinking has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands to creatively problem-solve from a human-centred focus in order to create bett...
Smart Chilled Water Pumping System – Designing for Maximum Efficiency
18 Mar 2021
9 am
Understand what is Distributed Pumping System, how it should be designed, and explain why it is a preferred pumping system for the future. Apply as Em...