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Digital Marketing for Wholesale Trade (Digital Marketing Bootcamp and Certificate in Applied Management)
22 Mar 2021
9 am
This advanced course is for Professional, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) to pursue a career in marketing, business development & analysi...
SGUnited Skills Programme
Digital Design & Marketing for Wholesale Trade
This is a basic/intermediate course for learners to pursue an entry-level career in marketing, business development & analysis within the wholesale tr...
SGUnited Skills Programme Digital Design Digital Marketing
Around Fintech in 8 hours (Online Foundation Course)
First executive programme built for senior professionals and entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of the Finance industry.Without compromising your li...
Machine Learning for Humans
28 Jun 2021
Machine Learning for Humans develops the cognitive capacities in participants on how to think like a data scientist. Through the lens of data sc...
Absentee Payroll Eligible
Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Media Design
24 Apr 2021
9 am
With digital media having become a staple in our daily lives, this course equips candidates with the relevant digital skillset to pursue a career in this e...
Eligible for Union Training Assistance Programme Funding Digital Media
WeChat Marketing for Business
25 Jun 2021
9 am
If you’re looking to break into the Chinese market and engage with customers on social media, WeChat is your best way in. Marketing your business via...
Absentee Payroll Eligible Digital Marketing