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Lecturer/Senior Manager, Industry, Najib Ahmad

In our first edition of ASK CETA, we hear from Lecturer/Senior Manager, Industry, Najib Ahmad from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies, as he shares more about the programmes his school offers and how learners can benefit from them.

1. What courses, offered by the School of Film & Media Studies, are suitable for individuals looking to enter the media, design, and communications industries?

Currently, FMS offers four part-time diploma courses in media, design, and communications. Here’s a quick intro to them.

If you are a mid-career individual keen to start a career in digital design, our Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Media Design (1 year) would be most suitable for you. Individuals with no prior formal media training are welcome to apply for this course.

Earlier in 2022, we launched the Diploma (Conversion) in Writing for the Creative Industries (1 year). This relatively new course has been curated for mid-career switchers with no prior formal media training who want to gain skills to write content for creative industries.

We also have a Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies which can be tied to a Work-Study Programme (1 year). This programme is most suitable for mid-career marketing and communication professionals who wish to upskill and for fresh polytechnic graduates with some media/communications background.

Last but not least, our Diploma in Digital Communication (1.5 years) would be excellent for mid-career switchers who want to explore digital communications/marketing fields. You do not need any prior formal media training to apply for this course. Fresh ITE graduates with some media/communications background can also apply for this programme.

2. What are some of the topics that learners will be taught as part of the courses?

The media spectrum is broad so it depends on which course you’re after. Some of the topics include:

3. What makes our programmes unique? And what can our learners expect when they enrol in our courses?

Our part-time diploma programmes are some of the most popular courses among adult learners who wish to upskill in the media domain. All our courses are cater to different interests across the media spectrum and are pitched at varying levels of difficulty e.g. our Specialist Diploma is targeted at learners with prior knowledge in marketing communications.

We are also proud of our newest diploma offering – the Diploma in Digital Communication – as it is the first and only part-time diploma offered by any polytechnic that can be completed in 1.5 years through hybrid learning delivery. A typical part-time diploma would take 2.5 years to complete.

4. Do you offer any Work-Study Programmes? When do applications open?

Yes, we do! Our Work-Study Programme (WSP) leading to a Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies is a 12-month apprenticeship whereby the learner will attend classroom training and undergo a structured on-job-training in the area of digital marketing. Companies may send their own employees who meet the entry requirements or select from our pool of applicants.

Our course runs once a year commencing in October and we typically begin the application process in May. Check our course web page for details on when applications open.

5. For learners who are unable to commit to a part-time or post-diploma programme, what are some of the short courses that the School of Film & Media Studies offers?

We offer 2 baskets of short courses ranging from 1 to 3 days. Such just-in-time training would be best suited to media practitioners and individuals who prefer to focus on honing specific skills, namely:



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